Lee Brennan Design was created around the idea of sustainability. It is the core driving force behind our existence in the realm of design and manufacturing. Our work is slowly and carefully considered. We are a team of two and our footprint in all areas of our work is continually monitored and adjusted for minimal environment impact.

Our furniture and jewellery work has always been based around the material. Which is hand selected with maximum responsibility. Recycled Steel and Reclaimed Timbers are not only our focus for sustainability, they remain the heart and soul of our entire aesthetic.

At Lee Brennan Design, we take great care to ensure that all pieces are produced with a focus on sustainability and ethical practise. All our handmade jewellery pieces are designed in-house at our Foundry Workshop, Noosaville - Australia. All custom furniture pieces are hand built by Lee Brennan with an environmentally and socially responsible approach to its production.

We are currently 95% plastic free and working towards ways we can eliminate all plastic. Our packaging where possible is made from sustainable materials, including recycled paper & biodegradable cardboard. We provide a luxury natural suede leather pouch for some of our handmade jewellery pieces, which were designed to be a timeless piece in itself, with longevity to be reused for what ever purpose desired. We also supply custom reusable material cleaning clothes to restore shine to our handmade pieces. 

As part of our waste management, the majority of our products are made to order, therefore we don’t have unnecessary stock levels, which allows us to operate in a more sustainable manner. 

While we continue to strive and bring life to our unique designed pieces, we remain conscious with minimising the environmental footprint of each piece.