Our progressive collections of jewellery are as with all our designs focused around a reductive process, to nurture the unrefined beauty of the materials to the surface. Inspired by hand beaten artifacts, and the minimal philosophy that deeply connects with emotions experienced in the nobility of poor, humble, hand forged objects. This affection for the unpretentious is heightened by our love for imperfections, along with an attachment to the qualities evident in unfinished art or sculpture. Materials used 316 Stainless Steel, 22k Yellow Gold, 925 Sterling Silver & Bronze.

"Lee Brennan makes some of the rings I wear ... he does these industrial style pieces that feel like they have been through a factory fire than run over by a train. They're all very textured and look like they've got a story to tell."

Chris Hemsworth

"There are very few things in our mass produced society that are uniquely hand crafted by an artisan, give pleasure and are enhanced in value with time.
Beautiful work."

Ted Grambeau 

"The ring arrived today and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it looks, feels, wears and is made. This is such a piece of art, the pictures don't do it justice."

Online Customer


A private appointment with us is the perfect opportunity to discuss your custom piece in detail directly in person with the designer & maker himself, Lee Brennan. It also allows you to view more of our work, giving you an insight into our finishes, textures and proportions.