FOUNDERS: Born from both love and desperation

Foundry and Lee Brennan Design was born from both love and desperation. It was a search for more fulfilment creatively, while morally tackling some downfalls of the industry.

Founders of Foundry

The marriage of Alexandria and Lee is a complete sphere. The sphere encapsulates them in their entirety, including their imagination, view of the future, belief in thoughts becoming reality and always remaining in the orbit of timelessness.

Alexandria brings diversity, creativity and extreme focus to every element of what they do. With a Bachelor of Design and Communication, Alexandria established herself in a creative agency specializing in branding, marketing, print & digital design, before she was offered the opportunity to join the family business on Nusa Lembongan, to help develop a luxury boutique resort in Bali. Over the next 15 years, she developed vast experience in hotel management, construction & design through the building and operations of the resort. Gaining broad knowledge around the challenges of event management & international logistics, staff management, restaurant, bar & café development, sales, digital marketing & strategizing.

Throughout this period of living in Indonesia, her love and appreciation for interior design and sought after antiques flourished.

Still working alongside Lee on their Lee Brennan Design brand.

Alexandria continues to help shape the brand, manage sales and bring the Foundry + Lee Brennan Design story to life with a full suite of branding assests & digital content tailored to the business’s needs.

Extremely well travelled and with an eye for detail, her understanding of interior & colour theory, context of historical items and the subtleties of form being honed through her experiences has now also come to be expressed and utilised through the expansion of jewellery, furniture and interior design as well as the curating of carefully hand picked objects & antiques.

Lee Brennan started his career as a grass roots carpenter/joiner working under a master craftsman to learn unique and traditional techniques that in today’s fast construction world are foreign and altogether lost.

After 10 years in this lost world while completing his Certificate 3 and 4 in Built Environment at night school he went to travel the world. Between trips Lee worked as a Site Foreman in the construction of large commercial projects offshore and on until his desire to return to the beginning called, to work slower with more care, creative fulfillment and less waste. 

Founders of Foundry

Foundry - Noosa

While developing a small business crafting unique furniture based around reclaimed materials and the old world skills of his past, Lee continued expanding his skills through The Institute of Interior Design, gaining a Diploma in Interior Design. 

Weekends and nights were spent experimenting with new techniques in metal work. An interest in fashion and smithing gave rise to a form of jewellery crafting that stirred interest in existing clients and has now flourished to become a major part of the business. Showing their work at Paris fashion weeks and managing success internationally as well as domestically through a wholesale network, online sales and now their own Foundry Showroom.

The echoes of both Lee and Alexandria’s extensive travels can be heard in their creations, combined with traditional Australian bush carpentry values gives the work a unique flavour, both subtle yet refreshing to the senses.

They have created a body of work that is an extension of their values, rich, natural and timeless.

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