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Our passion for timeless articles, worn and aged in ways only the combination of nature and time can produce is the inspiration behind this collection.Giving each piece it's own soul through absolute individuality and authenticity. It is our desire to create pieces which connect in the haunting historic way that would be felt when uncovering ancient treasure. Beaten, scorched and melted, the process in which the collection is forged is primitive and honest, as if untouched by technology or the modern world.


This particular collection is designed around the material. As in all our work, the material is the base and the soul of every piece. The Midnight Collection consists of Stainless Steel, Silver and Bronze. The metals are often left very raw and blackened in their natural state out of the forge. Some pieces in complete contrast are polished to a high shine which brings out the depth and rich darkness of the material. It is this dark play on shadows and deep shine, which inspired the collection’s name - Midnight.